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Welcome in my online studio

Did you see me enthusiastically swinging the door open for you, haha! In my mind I did that for you because I was already waiting for you. Of course with your favorite drink, ready to help you. 

In my studio you will find different workshops with different tables. I hope you discover that being creative brings you relaxation, that you enjoy creating and discover that you can do this too. I hope that I can help you to discover a little bit more of the artist in you.

You are a maker, and your pages are true art! 

You will find various workshops here that you can join. For now these will still take place online, and hopefully in a while there will be some offline workshops added as well.

Of course I hope that I can encourage and inspire you in my online studio and that you feel so at home that you grab your own cup of coffee or large mug of tea. Log in below and / or view which workshop you would like to join and I wish you a very good time!


PS. you look in my studio from your tablet or your mobile, no I am not sitting on your shoulder, haha! Then I should be really really tiny. Well back to what I wanted to tell you. If you are thinking right now where do I find the workshops, the tables, etc. Tap the three lines next to IKmetliefde at the top left of your screen.

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Ooh hey, hey! Are there no workshops available? You are probably here for the first time, and I have to find the right workshops for you. At ' workshops you will find your workshops ', and of course I will make sure that you are also here next time you find current workshops.

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