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Yes, that's nice that it's free, but what is JournalWithUs now? Because honestly, free of course does not automatically mean that something is very cool. So, JournalWithUS what is that? Every month Charlene van der Laar and IKmetliefde make inspiring videos for you. Completely in the theme of that month. This year each month has a color as the theme, and next year there will be new themes.

Each month

JournalWithUs is of course also the place to be if you want to be the first to see the sneaks of new ArtJournal Specials . Those are the really cool products that Charlene and I design for Elizabeth Craft Designs. In short, a party in your inbox every month.

Don't confuse JournalWithUs with Jurnalised, these are two different projects. 

* you can already see these pages

12 colors

12 colors as a guide to open your creative diary every month.

24 videos

Every month you see our face, we tell you the necessary news and adventures. And after this nice introduction you will find an accelerated video how we make a nice page with this month's theme.


They are of course from the ArtJournal Specials. The gorgeous products which Charlene and Ilse design for Elizabeth Craft Designs. If you are not familiar with the ArtJournal Specials yet, take a look at and discover the best stamps, dies, stencils and of course that very cool paper!

Facebook group

And if you want to share your page, you can do that in our very nice Facebook group. Every month the most colorful pages in the monthly theme appear here and you will find enough inspiration to get started yourself.

* what is JournalWithUs?

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  • 24 inspiration videos
  • be the first to be informed every month
  • sneak peeks of new AJS-releases
  • new month themes every year
  • automatically renew for next year for free